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The Company
Paramount, the leading company of hand knotted woolen carpet. We are one of the leading importers and wholesalers of hand knotted woolen rugs. We are located in New York city . We are in this business since 1989.

Being one of the leading importer and wholesaler of hand knotted woolen rugs; we also specialize in bringing the unique handicraft items of South Asian Countries to the American Market. We are in the manufacturing business for more than a decade, and our production units creations are exported mostly to Germany, Japan, and The United States of America. In business since 1989, our 17 years of experience has resulted in the establishment of Paramount Nepal Inc. in New York CIty in year 2000. We produce rugs in a unique traditional knotting system to ensure the longevity and beauty. Our unit can work with your imagination of creating any custom design you wish.

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